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Our MistDiffused Machine is perfect to add to any room, whether it's on your nightstand or on your office desk. It sets the right mood for any space. Add the right amount of aroma, the perfect combination of sight and smell to create a pleasant experience.

In addition to this, it has LED lights that can switch between seven colors to give every occasion a suitable atmosphere.

The MistDiffused Machine uses TDK material manufacturing production of 3.0MHz atomization tablets, these tablets will produce high-frequency mechanical vibration energy. This will ensure a nice atmosphere in your room.

Through the fan, wind comes into the tank and creates pressure. This will cause the water to be pushed out of the tank and evaporate. Once the evaporated water is in the air, it will be evenly scattered.

The volume is not particularly large. However, the performance won't suffer due to this. It contains a 160ml tank and will last for at least 8-12 hours. Once the tank is short of water, there will appear a red light. This will prevent the sensor from burning dry.


  • Adjustable colour to set with your mood and space

  • Diffuses well in a home, work or yoga space

  • Super delicate mist diffusion which helps diffuse the essential oil without breaking down the natural ingredients

  • Quiet diffusion to help keep the environment relaxing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Mateo Rendón

I loved the product. It's beautiful.

Ariadna Gracia

Great product! Definitely would purchase again.

Beatriz Mireles

Good product. Got some older version of it which is running for more than 1 year without Any problems!

María Cristina Tirado

All right. Surprisingly fast. It was shipping from Spain

Cecilia Parra

Excelente atendimento!

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